Az alábbiakban néhány Unió-szintű innovációval kapcsolatos beszámolót gyűjtöttünk össze (angol nyelven):




Innovation Union Scoreboard 2014
The European Commission's Innovation Union Scorecard report places Member States into four different performance groups on the basis of their innovation performance against the EU average.




Report of the Entrepreneurship Forum 2014
'Entrepreneurship in Ireland - Strengthening the Startup Community'

Published by the Entrepreneurship Forum c/o The Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation




Europe 2020 - Country Specific Recommendations for IRELAND
Europe 2020 is the EU's growth strategy for the coming decade. The Country-specific recommendations are documents prepared by the European Commission for each country, analysing its economic situation and providing recommendations on measures it should adopt over the coming 18 months.




Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report 2012 - Entrepreneurship in Ireland
The GEM project is an annual study of entrepreneurial dynamics in approx. 100 countries. The Irish Report is supported by Enterprise Ireland, Forfas and the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation.




Open Innovation and Public Policy in Europe, December 2011
ESADE Business Schools's report "Open Innovation and Public Policy in Europe" discusses how government databases could be a powerful new spur for innovation.




Analysis of Ireland's Innovation Performance, March 2011
This report by Forfas takes an in depth look at trends and developments in Ireland's comparative innovation performance, using the results of the Community Innovation Survey 2006-2008.




Report of the Innovation Taskforce (Ireland), March 2010
The Report of the Taskforce on Innovation is an important element of the Government's Plan for dealing with the challenges facing the Irish economy in a changed world.