STOP/GO decision

You defined your innovative project and invested already considerable time in the further development of the project. Now it is the right time to prepare for the 2nd STOP-/GO decision. This important step is often underestimated! Please be aware that you will need clear rules in order to being able to take such an important decision. This stage can be a tightrope walk: You do not want to give up an innovative idea and you already invested time and money, but perhaps you should reject it, particularly if the framework requirements are too difficult, e.g. no budget and very high risk, no knowledge about market needs, etc.
From our experience we know that the control of the development results is crucial. This objective here is to control the preliminary results of development - at a relatively early stage - so as to deal with unexpected problems or increased costs before you pursue the project (GO) or  (STOP) action. We highly recommend that work is completed on a detailed market needs analysis before a final decision is taken. Better to lose some money now than to lose a lot of money later.

People working in New Product Development (NPD) or in R&D have a management problem. How do you hold people accountable for results when there is an immense amount of uncertainty about whether the project will ever work and, even if it does work, whether it will produce commercial results?


@ partners: please choose appropriate tools in your language.


@partners: please choose an appropriate tool in your language.