Project Development

When a project is defined and all conditions and responsibilities have been clarified, one usually starts with the development of a detailed project plan. If this is your first innovation project, let's call it pilot project, you should invest enough time to plan the single steps. When it comes to the specific product development, most companies can rely on well-established processes from their own project management. But please keep in mind that an innovation project development is much more complex than a single product development or the implementation of a new service.


Use this first innovation pilot-project to find out which additional process you need in order to create a perfect base for further projects. All the Know-How you gain when doing this pilot-project should be incorporated in the innovation management process (even if it is only a simple one in the beginning). A further step would be to check whether the current development process is in line with the corporate strategy and the business objectives. Write down all the things you learn while doing your project and analyze regularly where there is potential for improvement. In the articles below you will find tips, tools and recommendations on how to develop your project idea in a professional way.


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The result of the Logical Framework Approach (LFA) is a Project Planning Matrix (PPM), which shows the interrelation of the four hierarchical levels – overall goal, objective, expected result, and activities – in a logical fashion. For each level, indicators and external factors have to be identified.


ZOPP is the acronym for the German expression “Zielorientierte Projektplanung” or objectives oriented project planning. It is a planning methodology (a set of instruments and procedures) for addressing the planning function in the process of managing a development project through its life cycle.


A specification sheet, commonly abbreviated to “spec sheet,” is a technical document that sets out the details of how, exactly, a certain product is intended to perform or function. There are several expressions like functional, system, product, requirement and target specification. Use this method in order to further develop your project, even if you are not working on a technical project idea. You might find out that it even works for the specification of services.