MARKET - Sell your product/service



"Innovative companies create

products or services that generate

a WOW feeling at their customers."

Gijs van Wulfen


When it comes to accurately addressing the needs of long-term customers and responding to their requirements, most companies perform very well. They do so because they are strong in the areas of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). When it comes to developing new products in-house, however, they need to find answers to a different question "Who will buy the products that I have developed?" Such an organisation may seek out strategic partners that it can introduce to the development of products and process at a very early stage, thus increasing the prospects for the launch of real "market innovations".


In the blog articles below we collected inputs from various points of view. You might think that the section "MARKET" is not interesting for you if you are just starting to collect ideas or to define a concrete innovation concept? Keep in mind these words: "If you have enough information to make a business case, you’re too late.” [Bill Gates].