CONCEPT - Define your Project


"If you always do what you always did,

you will always get

what you always got."

Albert Einstein


In this section, we will present various ways of how to design concepts. Additionally, you will find suggestions for defining your own innovation project. Please stay open minded and be aware of the "hard fact", that doing innovation is always linked to change. Like many other innovation experts, Van Wulfen underlines that innovation management and change management are linked processes: “For years, we go on reading the same journals, buying the same cars and staying with the same insurance company. The only reason for us to change is if a new, simple and attractive solution comes along that is relevant to our lives. I guess I can make it as simple as that.”


Have a look at the blog articles below and jump in wherever you want. There is only one suggestion you should think about: When defining your innovation project you should follow some basic rules... which means that you should also have a look at those entries, which might appear to be "boring ones".