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2inno Workshops


Whereas multinational companies are supported by specialists (R&D, innovation assistants and other experts in the field), SMEs/MEs risk to be excluded from the implementation of important innovation measures. There is a huge amount of tools, methods and theoretical material available on Innovation (Management). All this knowledge is easily accessible. But why is it so difficult to put "innovation" into practice, especially for small businesses?


Within only a few weeks, small businesses will learn how to start concrete innovation projects and how to successfully implement them through a very practical approach. In customized workshops on "Innovation Management" we want to help them to close the gap between theory and practice in order to find their own "culture of innovation". All according to the slogan „DO innovation now!“


The 2inno workshops are modular workshops. These are the main modules:


1) Basic on innovation

2) Innovation management process

3) Opportunity Identification

4) Needs analysis tools supporting innovation

5) Techniques of idea creation & idea selection

6) Conceptualization of innovative projects

7) Go to Market

8) R&D, know-how, open innovation and IPR

9) Financial planning and funding opportunities

10) Integration of IM in the Business Strategy


Innovation transfer projects are going to be defined, implemented and supported and, if necessary, additional training modules will be offered. This is the ideal starting point for an innovation strategy that allows for a company’s long-term competitive advantage.