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Taking the First Step



Innovation is

all about change for better.”

Harvey Wade



There are many definitions of the term “innovation” and even more concepts, theories and suggestions on how to implement innovation management in companies. In the 2inno project we will not focus on ONE definition or ONE concrete concept of how to implement innovation management. We think that an open minded approach is needed in order to help SMEs to develop their own appropriate strategy. We invite you to go through all of the content we developed for this section. Jump into the topics that interested you. Learn as much as possible and.... if you feel lost, go to the 2inno Coaches site.


In general we follow the motto "Look at the bright side of life", but when starting Innovation Management you should "Look for problems first": Innovation experts like Roy Luebke, Jorge Barba and Gijs van Wulfen strongly advice to always “start with a problem”. Structuring a successful innovation requires a lot of energy and time from all parties involved. Why should a company do innovation if there is no problem?


In the articles below we want to share our ideas with you on how to get started.





During the development process of our 2inno method we came across the innovation journey from Gijs van Wulfen. In this article we would like to share his ideas with you. There you will also find the link to his site.


Innovation is one of the current key issues on European level: According to the aims of Lisbon Strategy, companies need to be encouraged to develop systemic approaches, new skills and competencies linked to the process of innovation.


Local Enterprise Office Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown (LEO DLR) - the Irish partner in the 2inno project - has assembled a team of experienced coaches which we can assign to a business that wishes to develop an innovation strategy.