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2inno coaches to Deliver Innovation Workshops

A central element of the 2inno project is the development of short, modular training workshops on innovation for SME and Microenterprise owner-managers and staff. These workshops will be delivered by 2inno coaches, specialist trainers on innovation who are selected by each of the project partners to run the workshops in their country.


How does the 2inno innovation coaching process work?

Once a business owner has been accepted on the programme, a preliminary 1 to 2 hour face–to-face meeting with one of our qualified 2inno coaches will be arranged. The purpose of this meeting is to enable the coach to assess your business’ existing strengths and weaknesses with regard to innovation. The business owner will be encouraged to bring along one or two of their colleagues to this meeting to form an innovation project team.


On the completion of this innovation assessment, our 2inno coach will arrange for the delivery of structured training to you and/or your business’ innovation project team. The training will comprise workshop and self-learning modules and will support the implementation of the tailored innovation strategy in your business. Participant businesses will have full access to a suite of supports available on the 2inno website. Our objective is to help you to create an innovation culture for your staff and to implement an innovation strategy in your small business.


Please contact the project partner in your country to find out more.