Project team

P0 – Hafelekar (AT)


Hafelekar was founded in 2001. Hafelekar combines expertise in managerial, social and educational sciences. Customers are entrepreneurs, business companies, non-profit organisations as well as clients in the public sector. Hafelekar is mainly engaged in the following lines of business: Consulting, Research, Studies, Surveys, Evaluation, Validation of informal and non-formal learning, Development of (ICT-) training models, Curricula design,  Analysis of training needs, Vocational orientation, Career guidance, Process Management, EU-funded projects & Innovative Technology projects.


We have been working on the innovation management theme for many years. We accompanied many SMEs (on national level) in so called "Innovative Technology Projects" and learned that there is a real need to DO innovation: to understand what innovation is about, to enable SMEs/MEs to set up a tailored innovation strategy and to implement the necessary processes. We are convinced that now is the right time to work on this theme on a European level.


A close cooperation exists with the University of Innsbruck (Department for Knowledge Organisation) in the area of qualitative social research.  Hafelekar also cooperates with the Management Centre Innsbruck, a college of applied sciences and the Standortagentur Tirol with its clusters. Furthermore, Hafelekar is integrated in a dense network of VET and related institutions and bodies.


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Contact details:

Hafelekar Consultancy Schober Ltd.
Ms. Karin Lackner

Bozner Platz 5
6020 Innsbruck, Austria




P1 - Instituto de Formación y Estudios Sociales (ES)


Instituto de Formación y Estudios Sociales (IFES) is a non-profit foundation created in 1986 by the Spanish trade union UGT, aiming at serving as a technical training instrument in the occupational & professional areas, contributing to economic development, improvement of competiveness and quality of companies through permanent training. Staff is composed of approximately 1000 qualified persons (training, administration, technical development of training plans and research projects). It has representation in all the Spanish territory (17 territorial branches). IFES provides all the needed resources for courses: more than 500 classrooms fully equipped; didactic material designed by IFES’ professionals; the courses are delivered by highly qualified trainers; own on-line e-learning platform. Regarding Research, IFES has promoted or participated in more than 100 research projects in the field of training, employment and professional qualifications, both at national and transnational level, carrying out investigation in all the productive sectors.


Apart from training, IFES deals with other subjects: Investigation and research; Information and socio-labour guidance; Social participation.


In the project IFES will take over the lead for Quality Management: will be responsible to evaluate the results & outcomes of the project on both levels: quality of products and monitoring of processes.


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Contact details:

Instituto de Formación y Estudios Sociales
Ms. Silvia Santos

Cl. Canarias, no. 51
28045 Madrid, Spain





P2 - PROMPT-H Information Technology Educational, Trade and Service Ltd. (HU)


Prompt Ltd. was established in 1989, by highly qualified IT experts with intensive R&D activities based on their academic background. The company has two main divisions, one of them is the software-hardware development and IT system integration, the other one is the delivery of IT training and eLearning solutions.  Prompt is an IT training and eLearning provider and it delivers further training programmes for teachers – accredited in Hungarian Education System – on eLearning methodology for developing their enhanced ICT competencies, and eLearning adoption capabilities.


Prompt worked as the coordinator institute in the ‘Best Practice’ European LLL project: “TENEGEN - Connect the teachers to teach and reach the Net generation (2008-2010) and the SME 2.0 – Proactive Networking in Business Management of European SMEs (2011-2013) Leonardo projects. Prompt Ltd. initiated in 2008 the foundation an IT cluster under the name of “Innolearn – the Cluster of Knowledge Network” in order to facilitate and intensive knowledge sharing between the academic sphere and the IT industry, to help small and medium enterprises in adapting the newest IT tools and solutions and to generate professional collaboration among the eLearning providers.


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Contact details:

PROMPT-H Information Technology Educational, Trade and Service Ltd.
Mrs. Maria Hartyanyi

Testvérvárosok útja 28.
H-2100 Gödöllő, Hungary





P3 - Local Enterprise Office Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown (IE)



Local Enterprise Office Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown (DLR LEO) is an Irish government body which has been created by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation. Located to the south of Dublin, its primary task of the organisation is to assist start-up and growth-orientated microenterprises in improving their competitiveness and job creation potential.


Established in April 2014, the network of 31 Local Enterprise Offices across Ireland takes over the functions of the 35 County & City Enterprise Boards which were established in 1993. LEO DLR provides business advice, mentoring, networking, training and resource development support to microenterprises in the county of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Local (population c. 200,000). This range of enterprise development programmes is administered by the Enterprise Office’s own staff with experienced business mentors and trainers contracted where necessary.


LEO DLR runs innovation workshops for small business clients, participates in regional business innovation initiatives and promotes innovative thinking to students in primary, secondary and third level education. To resource all these activities, LEO DLR has developed good working relationships with a number of local expert trainers and practitioners in the area of innovative thinking and development. The challenge of embedding innovation in the minds of small business owners is ever-present and it is for the reason that the 2Inno project is important to us as project partners.


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Contact details:

Local Enterprise Office Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown (LEO DLR)
Mr. Michael Hayden

First floor, 1 Harbour Square, Dún Laoghaire
Co. Dublin, Ireland





P4 - Camporlecchio

Educational Srl (IT)


Camporlecchio Educational Srl is a training and consultancy company specialized in Organizational and Change Management for public and private organizations. It was founded in 2001 by managers with previous professional experiences in large managerial consultancy enterprises at national and International level.

Main domains of activities are:


Project Management and Consulting


- Organisational Development

- Human Resources Development

- Change Management

- Project Management and Technical assistance


Education & Training, Labour Market


- Validation of informal and non-formal learning

- Development of training models, curricula, contents

- Development on Educational contents

- Vocational orientation, career guidance, lifelong learning


Being involved as scientific partner in EU funded projects since 2006, Camporlecchio Educational offers its experience in the development of added-value solutions by applying innovative methodologies including mixed seminars, GOPP focus groups, awareness raising/negotiation events with participatory approaches and Stakeholder Engagement activities. As training provider with experience in traditional classrooms, blended learning and experiential training, Camporlecchio will be responsible for the implementation of all activities linked to competence and skill development, as well as in the design and the implementation of short seminars involving owners and key staff of SMEs/MEs in the project.


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Contact details:

Camporlecchio Educational Srl
Mr. Andrea Rossi

Via del Casalino, 18
24121 Bergamo, Italy




P5 - Institute for Innovation and Technology -
Korona plus d.o.o. (SI)


The Institute for Innovation and Technology (Korona plus d.o.o.) is innovatively oriented organisation with a mission of raising the level of companies’ innovativeness, and young people, namely in close cooperation with the education system and economy. The Institute operates in cooperation with the network of topmost international experts from various fields who work within national and international research and development projects.


Main areas of work:


  • YOUTH: encouragement of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in schools with constant integration of youth, teachers and in cooperation with the economy,
  • ECONOMY: encouragement and support of innovation processes in economy.


The Institute for Innovation and Technology is the transferring partner organisation in the project. The Institute is the developer and the owner of the results developed under the basic iModel project, which will be transfered under the call TOI into participating countries.

Korona plus d.o.o. will be responsible for determining the transferability of the contents of the previous project iModel into the project.


More about The Institute for Innovation and Technology - Korona plus d.o.o.:,


Contact details:

The Institute for Innovation and Technology - Korona plus d.o.o.
Prof.Dr. Borut Likar, MBA

Staretova 11 (POB 3411)
1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia